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Aspace - still trading?

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Chumpster Sun 24-Jul-16 20:43:41

Hello - does anyone know if Aspace is still trading? I've eventually found furniture that we quite like on their website, but have now read online stories from earlier this year saying that they're no longer trading. Their website almost let me place an order, but said I had to call to arrange delivery... I know their delivery has received bad reviews, but was prepared for that as hard to find furniture that was right for DS's room.

PotOfYoghurt Sun 24-Jul-16 20:45:32

We received a closing down brochure some time back, so I would lean towards it's shut down. What a shame though, they had some lovely stuff.

Chumpster Sun 24-Jul-16 20:48:04

Thanks Yoghurt. That doesn't sound promising.

Ktay Sun 24-Jul-16 20:50:37

There's quite a lot of aspace furniture on eBay if you can deal with the faff and the fact it's second hand...

Chumpster Sun 24-Jul-16 20:53:01

Thanks. I've not had much luck with ebay. Last time I bought something - a dress from whistles which was stained - the seller told me I was either 'deluded or a petty liar'... I did get my money back.

nextchapterplease Mon 25-Jul-16 14:30:10

Hi they have recently started trading again.

I received an email telling me the story. Will paste if I can find.
I think they are in start up mode so I wouldn't base opinions on old reviews when they were perhaps in trouble ?

Have you looked at GLTC too ? Some similar stuff ?

nextchapterplease Mon 25-Jul-16 14:33:13

Here you go ! This was only in June so it's all quite new.

We are delighted to be getting back in touch to tell you that we are staging our comeback over the next few months.

Our ranges will be smaller, the team is smaller, in fact the whole operation is smaller but we have retained all of our passion and expertise for creating top quality products and a special space for your children. And as they say, good things come in small packages!

Charterhouse bunk beds
WAS £895 NOW £716

Stowford low foot end bed
WAS £295 NOW £236

We are now led by Severine Thirion, who was previously Head of Operations. As a working mum with two children, she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a real desire to deliver an excellent customer experience. Both as a parent, and having worked for Aspace for thirteen years, she understands the importance of giving children a comfortable, safe and fun place to sleep, learn and play – a space they can call their own.

We are delighted to welcome back Lisa Conduit to head up our Customer Services team and Andy Collier to co-ordinate product check-in and dispatch in the warehouse. Our commitment is to deliver a personable, responsive and efficient customer service that ensures each and every one of our customers are satisfied. You can talk to real people who love what they do and really know their stuff (they have many years’ of experience behind them too!)

Aspace is renowned for high quality and well-designed children furniture at an affordable price. Many of our products will continue to be designed by and exclusive to us. They have been created with children in mind; as well as being beautifully crafted, they are functional and able to withstand the fun and hurly-burly of their everyday life.

We are currently working with our key suppliers to reintroduce our most popular products over the coming few months such as the Southside, Farringdon, Juicy Fruits, Milford and Charterhouse ranges along with coordinating bookcase and desks.

However, we know that we must walk before we run - it is important that we deliver what we promise. While you will see these products on the website only items in stock can be ordered. If you are interested in any of the ranges we aim to bring back please email us at and we can provide timely updates for intended deliveries - hopefully by the end August.

All the items currently available are the remaining clearance lines from previous stock. These will continue to be offered at a discounted price as we prepare for the arrival of our new stock later in the summer.

We feel really positive about being back and hope that you will support us in our new venture. With Severine at the helm, we have a really great team on hand to continue to build the Aspace brand. We welcome any feedback, specific questions or comments.

We look forward to talking with you.

Caspar Williams

Chumpster Mon 25-Jul-16 17:23:42

Thank you. I've just placed my order. Really pleased as I like their stuff and its good quality. I have a six-eight wait for it, but that's fine.

nextchapterplease Mon 25-Jul-16 18:22:09

Oh good am pleased to hear that Chumpster - I was disappointed when they went out of business as I really like their stuff and lived quite near two stores.
Just ordered my DD a cabin bed from GLTC though !

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