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Help-Roman blind orbs/adjustable cord stoppers all fell off and blind broken!

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LittleMoonbuggy Tue 19-Jul-16 21:00:27

We had some Roman blinds made for 2 sets of bifold doors and a window last November, we have been really happy with them until now.

This morning I was winding one of them up when suddenly all 6 of the orbs/adjustable plastic stoppers fell down and now the blind is down and obviously we are unable to wind it up again.

I rang a local blind making company and they said that they wouldn't repair it, and suggested asking a local seamstress. He seemed to have come across the problem before from what I'd described, and said something along the lines of needing strong nylon cord to stitch them to the back of the lining and threaded through the headrail.

I know nothing about Roman blinds, and the type we have seem to have the cord bits contained within a cassette type thing on the headrail that looks like it needs to be unscrewed to access it. Not sure if this is a very fiddly thing to do?

I did try ringing a local seamstress but she admitted she knew nothing about blinds either, but has agreed to have a look.

I just wondered if anyone here has any helpful advice please? Sorry if I've used incorrect terminology. My mum has offered to help look at it and try to fix it if possible by comparing it to the one which still works ok but I'm not sure how feasible this is and don't want to cause yet more damage.

Many thanks in advance.

amarmai Fri 22-Jul-16 21:15:13

Sounds odd . Do you have to pull the cords to one side to get them to stay up ? If the grips for the cords have broken , a fabric store can sell you new ones and just have to thread the cords thru them . Look at how it is threaded before you change them.! Let your mum check it before you spend .

LittleMoonbuggy Fri 22-Jul-16 21:57:26

Thank you for replying. In the end I callec the company that made the blinds and he has suggested we take the blind down then call him. He will then explain over the phone how to re thread them- apparently the threads should still be ok.

Fingers crossed.

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