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Farrow and Ball eggshell peeling off

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peachesdolores Mon 18-Jul-16 19:00:28

We've recently had our hall decorated with Farrow and Ball eggshell paint on the woodwork. After a week or so it's started to peel away in lots of different places. Anyone had this problem? Did you work out why or find a solution? Thanks!

TollgateDebs Thu 21-Jul-16 16:11:29

Contact F&B Technical and they will investigate, which is what they did with our issue with their Estate Emulsion, which was not due to the paint in this instance. They were very helpful and sent out their 'Forensic Decorator'!

Tinkfromlovejoy Thu 21-Jul-16 16:18:42

We've had this with their outdoor wood paint. We found out it was from oils in the wood seeping out and causing bubbles. We didn't use their undercoat and in hindsight should have forked out for it.

poochiepants Thu 21-Jul-16 23:17:41

Sounds like a prep issue to me. See what F&B would have recommended, then go back to the decorator to check what they did. There is a chance that they skimped on the prep materials if they'd given you an 'inclusive of materials other than main paint' quote, and F&B can be a bit temperamental - I know plenty of decorators who won't touch them, so I never spec them....

ontherightpath Sat 23-Jul-16 13:49:17

Definitely a preparation issue. The woodwork needs to be sanded (lightly, not down to the bare wood) then primed with a good quality water based primer before using the eggshell. My decorator uses Johnsons water-based primer and undercoat and the finish is perfect and lasts for years. The F&B one is also excellent but more expensive.

poochiepants Sat 23-Jul-16 17:49:28

PS I'd like to be a forensic decorator, I think....

buckeejit Fri 08-Sep-17 00:15:57

Aargh-just found this old thread after priming sanded table all night in prep for the F&B eggshell tomorrow.

Haven't used F&B primer, just a standard. It will take forever to remove the bloody existing primer & buy the F&B stuff

Should I grit my teeth & bear it or get a tin colour matched in another brand?

ScrubbyGarden Fri 08-Sep-17 16:30:27

You'll be fine- I think the PPs with issues didn't use ANY primer. I've been fine with f&b on to of leyland's primer, and you will too.

buckeejit Sun 10-Sep-17 14:09:12

Thanks-I tried it & it did go a bit fish eyed so I sanded some of the undercoat off, (took the shine off & it's fine, though leaving it a couple of days beer 2nd cost goes on

buckeejit Sun 10-Sep-17 14:09:29


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