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Help me decide - Roman blinds or curtains?

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teaandcake789 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:02:46

The photo is pretty poor but I'm in the middle of decorating our living room, it's being painted grey. There is usually a sofa in front of the window/radiator. I'm struggling to decide between curtains or Roman blinds to dress the windows. Help me pick please?

teaandcake789 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:03:42

Oh I should say I want something covering the window, the door and a teeny tiny side window that's on another wall. Thank you cx

orangebird69 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:07:36

Romans blinds. Long curtains would be a PITA behind the sofa and I hate short curtains. A small roman for the tiny window would be great too. Door needs a single panel long curtain.

deliadah Thu 14-Jul-16 07:54:50

Absolutely Roman blinds. Cos blinds have a much more stylish, classic look to them – Roman Blinds, in particular, look chic in a living room. For open plan lounge and living room, wider blinds work wonders. If convenience is your priority, motorised blinds provide the benefit of adjusting the amount of light and privacy from your comfort.

TinySalmon Thu 14-Jul-16 08:05:31

Definitely blinds! Curtains only work well if they are floor-to-ceiling and you don't want to have to constantly be tucking the curtains back behind the sofa or worry they'll catch fire from the radiator.

LunaLoveg00d Thu 14-Jul-16 08:10:40

We have just painted our sitting room grey too - you have impeccable taste! We have ordered roman blinds rather than curtains, there are loads of suppliers online and you can order up samples of the fabric to see how they go with your paint.

poochiepants Sun 17-Jul-16 23:36:54

As long as the windows open outwards, I'd have a Roman blind.

Crikeyblimey Sun 17-Jul-16 23:39:03

Only thing about blinds is you can't peep out of them for a quick nosey. Having said that, we have Roman blinds and I love them. Particularly off floor length curtains would be a pain.

user1468926902 Tue 19-Jul-16 12:23:43

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trickyex Tue 19-Jul-16 22:18:59

Roman blind for practicality but perhaps add dress curtains to this main window to make it cosier and to make the window seem larger.
Fit the pole high and wider than the window so the curtains look generous and dont block the light.
If budget is limited look at IKEA and shorten the curtains with webbing.

wobblywonderwoman Tue 19-Jul-16 22:33:34

I agree - Roman but with dress curtains (o prefer floor length)

trickyex Tue 19-Jul-16 22:46:33

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