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Granite kitchen worktops

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lichunqiao Tue 12-Jul-16 16:30:35

Have you used Granite as your kitchen worktops?Did you find some advantage and disadvantage for granite kitchen worktops ?

Itscurtainsforyou Wed 13-Jul-16 08:31:07

I have. Really love the look, easy to keep clean.

DavesBonnyLass Wed 13-Jul-16 16:35:25

We have a Impala Dark Grey granite (it's actually black with grey bits), and I'm "okay" with it. Water marks and finger prints show, but it's so easy to clean and does look lovely. Great for rolling out pastry and kneading bread. However, when a heavy Le Creuset pan slipped from my hand, it caused a teeny tiny chip, but it's otherwise been practically indestructible. We use a scrubbie with a bit of Fairy Liquid for a good clean, and for a quick clean, Method Daily Granite cleaner. Would go for another granite countertop (but different colour) in a heartbeat.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 13-Jul-16 16:48:47

I have granite worktops, love them, they've been in about 12 years now and look as good as when they were new

RebelandaStunner Wed 13-Jul-16 19:52:05

Yes ours are like the ones in your last picture. They are lovely and like others said easy to keep looking nice and brand new.

patchesmcp Wed 13-Jul-16 20:35:29

Have them here in the house we bought. Hated them for the first week after moving in as broke a few glasses on them. Now love them. Great for making pastry on, putting pans on and look nice. If we ever changed the kitchen I'd want to get them again.

icelollycraving Fri 15-Jul-16 14:19:02

I wouldn't have them again. Looks great when shiny & buffed but I miss being able to use bleach. I actually miss my old laminate work tops sometimes.
Mine are sparkly Quartz.

jubileepancakes Fri 15-Jul-16 14:22:04

I wouldn't have the ones I've got again. I've got Matt black ones. They looked stunning when they were first put in but now they are scratched, marked and a nightmare to keep clean. Show all the grease and fingerprints so I'm wiping them down hundreds of times a day. An expensive waste as far as I'm

I'd probably go for the standard polished ones though.

mummytime Fri 15-Jul-16 14:30:20

Love mine! Went to a farm workshop to choose the particular shade, and was offered the chance to go to the wholesalers.
Mine is a mid grey but looks darker now it's installed. I choose one with lots of pattern and it doesn't show marks too much, and is lovely when buffed.

Kittykatmacbill Sat 23-Jul-16 06:51:18

My parents had them and we had them before we refurbed our kitchen. I hate hate hate them, I smashed so many things on them. They don't looke nice at all in my opinion. Get wooden ones instead I would recommend

JulesJules Sun 24-Jul-16 09:45:55

I love mine, it's a creamy colour with brown, grey and orange bits in, called Colonial Gold
Just needs a quick wipe with granite stuff and a soft cloth. No problem with fingermarks or anything and looks lovely imo.

AbyssinianBanana Sun 24-Jul-16 09:48:37

They're standard in most American kitchens for a reason (besides being much more affordable there).

TollgateDebs Sun 24-Jul-16 17:54:57

I have Black Via Lactea, which I chose to make the surface more forgiving of marks and love it. I also use Method granite cleaner and find that, and a bit more effort with a soft sponge scrub around the sink, is all I need.

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