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Bathroom cabinet inspiration

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WittgensteinsBunny Sat 09-Jul-16 14:59:15

I quite like Loaf's etienne cabinet here and I really like that it's made of metal. But it's out of stock and I imagined having something with 2 doors.

We've got white metro tiles with grey grout and then plaster (which will eventually be painted F&B blackened) and 70 X 45cm is about the right dimensions. We have a roll top bath and stone floor, so something sort of French shabby chic / industrial / vintage would be perfect. Anyone seen anything?

Any other Mia

WittgensteinsBunny Tue 12-Jul-16 16:24:07

We went for this ink{\]]-} with a view to painting it and replacing the knobs.

justaweeone Tue 12-Jul-16 17:45:22

I have an ikea one
It holds loads

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