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Three or more pendant cluster lights that take normal fitting (LED) bulbs?

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OldLagNewName Thu 07-Jul-16 20:30:37

I'm on a mission to make our north-facing kitchen less gloomy, without needing to call in an electrician. I have other strategies as well (strategically placed mirrors, mainly) but I also want to change the current single pendant to a multiple one, so that I can just have more bulbs. But lots only take funny shape bulbs (like the golf ball ones) which means you can't use the kind of LED bulbs that get you lots of light. E.g. this one Does anyone know of a cluster or multiple pendant ceiling light that takes normal size bayonet or screw-fitting bulbs? Ideally I don't want chrome or brass either, but I may have to live with those. I quite like this one but it doesn't tell you about bulb fitting and the person on their helpline didn't know!

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