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Painting a dress in F&B, help needed (pic attached hopefully)

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CheshireDing Thu 07-Jul-16 11:11:36

I have a second hand welsh dresser. All the ones in the internet seem to be painted in Annie Sloane or Farrow & Ball. It definitely does need painting as it's all marked etc but I am in no rush as want to get it right.

I am thinking of F&B's Mizzle colour and just putting the sideboard top back to only wood colour.

I am sure whether I would use matt or estate eggshell ? (it will be partly used as a craft drawer for 3 children under 5 if that makes any difference).

Would I sand down the whole thing, undercoat and primer and then paint it ?

How would I protect the raw wood on the top of the sideboard (as it will be near the kitchen).

Sorry total amateur but want to do it properly as we need to keep it for a long time smile (please ignore sinister looking hairdressers dolly head in the corner)

justaweeone Fri 08-Jul-16 07:23:01

Prime with this
Then eggshell
Then wax or Danish oil the bare wood top

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