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Short or Long? Bedroom Curtains with Radiator under Window

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MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Mon 04-Jul-16 14:39:04

I have to decide whether to hang long or short curtains in the bedroom my DS is moving into.

The radiator in the room is under the window. The bed is not near the rad / window.

In another bedroom the bed is up against the radiator under the window, so those curtains are short. In mine, the curtains are in the same place but because the bed is nowhere near they are long and down to the floor.

What do you have in your bedrooms?

TIA (and wow, sorry to be so boring! (Just read it back, yawn.))

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Mon 04-Jul-16 19:50:32

Bump for the evening crew!

Stylingwax Mon 04-Jul-16 19:53:26

In my house they are short else the heat goes out of the window doesn't it?

bushtailadventures Mon 04-Jul-16 19:53:39

Not very helpful really, but in all our bedrooms we have short curtains, purely because of the radiator issue. It doesn't help that we have stupidly small radiators in the bedrooms though, can't block the measly amount of heat we get from them.

Aphie Mon 04-Jul-16 19:53:56

I have mid length curtains that tuck behind my radiator 72 length I believe. No real help I know grin

Believeitornot Mon 04-Jul-16 19:54:34

I would go for short otherwise the heat just goes behind the curtain?

I prefer longer but only if no radiator

borntobequiet Mon 04-Jul-16 20:00:51

Radiators work mostly by convection so as long as the warm air can circulate above the curtain into the rest of the room it's of little consequence if the curtains are short or long.

Somerville Mon 04-Jul-16 20:02:40

To get round this I have purely decorative long curtains that I never close, and a black out blind which is the real window covering.

HolaWeenie Mon 04-Jul-16 20:12:58

Short. Rads are under my sons windows, too, only a real problem for my youngest who's bed is next to rad/window as a bit of daylight gets under curtain and on bed. My eldest sons bed is away from window and it's nice and dark by his bed.

LifeIsGoodish Mon 04-Jul-16 20:40:31

I believe more heat is lost through the windows than through the wall, so, even if you have a gap at the top of the curtains for warm air to circulate, most of the warmth will be lost through the windows.

From experience: we replaced floor- length curtains with short curtains, and the room became significantly warmer.

Short curtains over a radiator.

RiverTam Mon 04-Jul-16 20:45:16

I have them long enough so we can tuck them behind the radiator in winter. Too short and you get a lot of light coming through on summer mornings, plus lost heat.

JT05 Wed 06-Jul-16 10:08:50

Long with detachable short thermal/ blackout linings seems to work. Aesthetically pleasing, but stops light getting in and heat getting out.

CodewordRochambeau Thu 07-Jul-16 08:36:44

I like Somerville's solution; thermal blackout blind and decorative curtains.

LizzieMacQueen Thu 07-Jul-16 09:58:50

In your case I'd go for roman blinds - we did too but only because the panelling around the window was decorative and I didn't want o to hide it behind open curtains.

Oly5 Sun 10-Jul-16 19:09:57

Long... Much more stylish.
I have blinds as well so rarely shut the curtains

wowfudge Sun 10-Jul-16 19:49:48

Short or you are heating the window when the radiator is on. Does it not look a mess to tuck a too long curtain behind the radiator? I can't imagine that being very satisfactory as the brackets the radiator hangs on would mean you can't get the curtains to hang straight.

BennyTheBall Sun 10-Jul-16 19:52:40

I can't bear short curtains - they are so naff.

I would have decorative long curtains with a blind if necessary.

Mrsraypurchase Sun 10-Jul-16 20:08:25

I have floor length curtains in all my bedrooms. It was a big mistake. Go for short ones.

Toomanycats99 Sun 10-Jul-16 20:11:47

We have radiator below window in living room and have gone for wooden blinds. They look very neat and you can see out without people seeing in. They also don't block radiator. We are now just about to get white ones in the bedrooms.

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