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farmhouse kitchen table experts needed

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nextchapterplease Sun 03-Jul-16 15:36:58

We are fingers crossed moving house in a month.
I know I want a large farmhouse table and have seen many online that look ideal but am getting a bit overwhelmed by all the options.

Can anyone advise -
We want to seat up to 10 - so are looking at 9 feet by 3 feet - does that sound about right ?
Think we are looking at oak top - anything I need to be aware of with that choice will it be hard work to stop it staining.
Looking at farrow and ball Painted turned legs - detachable ..
This is going to cost approx £1000 from a company who will do 14 day return post delivery so that lessens the risk of making the wrong decision.
Can anyone recommend where they bought theirs too?

Am I mad to consider buying this online without looking at it all in the flesh ?
Thanks if anyone can help - this is a really exciting purchase for me but I don't want to get it wrong as its a long term one.

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