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Which colour which wall?

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TremoloGreen Fri 17-Jun-16 13:58:56

Have decided on this colour scheme for the sitting and dining rooms. They are semi open plan - a poncey way of saying that there were originally double french doors between them but I took them off so the kids could rampage between rooms.

The sitting room is a slightly weird layout (diagram). Usual chimney breast with alcoves. Then there is an extension into the bay window so there is a pillar/arch across the front of the room. The wall opposite the fireplace is set back in its own alcove. We have sofas in there and under the window. Plan to put book shelves in the alcoves and a cupboard in one to set the telly on.

Thinking to put wallpaper on the chimney breast. The white colour on the pillar-arch and also the ceiling to try and blend it away visually (I find it v ugly). The dark grey on the alcove opposite fireplace. There is going to be a large striking painting here. Other walls in the pale grey. Don't know what colour to do the alcoves though??

Plan for dining room is to do the two walls that can't be seen from the s/r in the blue and the other two in the white. This room is a bit dark and dingy. One east facing window but quite close to neighbours side extension so not much light. Otherwise borrowed light from north facing s/r.

Any ideas or opinions? I need to crack on and buy the paint confused

TremoloGreen Fri 17-Jun-16 14:00:11


DollyBarton Fri 17-Jun-16 14:09:20

Honestly I wouldn't be doing anything more than two solid shades for the two areas, and a very subtle difference at that. Paper on chimney breast is a definite no for me as it was 'trendy' a few years ago.

But it seems like you've thought it through and I do think people should go with what they likesmile your colours and textures look lovely.

user1466406620 Mon 20-Jun-16 08:20:49

Why don't you consult professional and experienced home improvement team, They can suggest you even more better.

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