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Can anyone help me find hall furniture?

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PhoenixJasmine Fri 17-Jun-16 06:36:12

I absolutely love this hall table/bench - I just think it's perfect - somewhere to store shoes, to sit to tie up laces, few drawers to keep dog-walking kit in, and somewhere for a vase of flowers in the hall too. Lovely. However my DM has, quite rightly, pointed out that £400 is pricey for painted fibreboard!

Does anyone know of anywhere that does something similar but better value for money? It's the combination of everything that I like, I can find plenty of hall tables or shoe benches but know I've seen an all-in-one option that is all I want!

icklekid Fri 17-Jun-16 06:44:05

Does the bench have to have a back?

ikea need to add a cushion?

pine same price but proper wood- looks like you could have painted like your one too

Not on the high street one with a back and one without

Search bench and shoe storage to find many more!

8FencingWire Fri 17-Jun-16 06:52:58

phoenix, save and buy that one, if your heart is in it, everything else will not compare.

Thistledew Fri 17-Jun-16 07:16:56

If you are up for a spot of DIY, have a Google for 'convert dresser bench' and you will find loads of ideas for how to convert an old set of drawers into some sort of seating/storage configuration. You should be able to get an old set of drawers off eBay for £20 or so, £15 or thereabouts for some paint and about the same for some foam and fabric to make a comfy seat. It's not hard to do and you will end up with a good looking and individualised piece of furniture.

ChablisTyrant Fri 17-Jun-16 07:30:44

Take a look on etsy too.

justaweeone Sat 18-Jun-16 13:12:05

Not quite the same]

justaweeone Sat 18-Jun-16 13:12:34]

justaweeone Sat 18-Jun-16 13:25:31

Could paint this

justaweeone Sat 18-Jun-16 13:27:32

justaweeone Sat 18-Jun-16 13:38:23
With this next to it

PhoenixJasmine Sun 19-Jun-16 06:37:04

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Think I'm gonna lose a bit of time on that white lighthouse site justaweeone thanks it's gorgeous stuff. The oak one is really lovely too.

After a lot of browsing I'm thinking of going the DIY upcycling route- I have an old pine ottoman/storage chest, I've had it since uni nearly 15 yrs ago. I'm thinking of painting that, getting foam cut to size to go on top and making covers (maybe from Liberty print or sari fabric? Not sure) and then finding a set of drawers to go alongside and paint the same, maybe try and attach them if it's possible.

Quite excited about it....!

Thanks so much for all the inspiration and links smile

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