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Help me choose a F&B paint please

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ANiceSliceOfCake Thu 16-Jun-16 14:17:36

Ok, it's a bedroom, walls are Pavillion grey, with white above the picture rail and ceiling, fitted wardrobes are near enough Pavillion grey. Carpet is a dark grey. Bed head and curtains are a stone colour, bedding has yellow patterns. Sounds a lot of grey but it actually looks quite bright and calming.

It's a Victorian house but this room is a little more contemporary.

So, I've bought wooden bedside tables and a chest of draws that need painting. The handles are going to be those glass nobs and the tops bare waxed wood.

In the running are Manor House gray, purbeck stone or Plummet.

What do you think? Or something else? It has to be F&B as that's what the shop I bought them from uses. Thanks.

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