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Need to be decorating, but... <a rant>

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Draylon Tue 14-Jun-16 09:01:24

...everything is conspiring against me!

I have 6 weeks til we go away on holiday, which was my personal deadline to get this house fixed up, but it just isn't happening.

We're finally getting the artex skimmed (3/4 of the house) and replastered, and painted; the entire upstairs (4br) and stairs recarpeted, the downstairs wood floor sanded; and 3/4 of the walls repainted (by me)...

All this is doable but not if I can't get clear periods of 3-4 hours to do it in! Or a few days annual leave! I'm PT which is good but I'm owed so much time off but they just can't allow me off (HCP).

The ceiling bloke got as far as finishing one bedroom ceiling completely, now has gone to the footy for 2 weeks, so there's no point in me painting walls before he's painted the ceiling and coving, is there?

We were going to do all this last year but unfortunately my mum died so DB and I spend weeks doing up her house to sell; but at least it was effectively empty, whereas here, I more or less have to finish each room as I go, then transfer everything (and the DSs) into that room so I can do the next one and so on. It's not very efficient and involves lots of washing of brushes and rollers.

I woke up early today (for me, 6.45am) to get stuck in with painting the one room with the finished ceiling- then got a text reminding me I'd promised to see a friend who lives 45 minutes away, at 10.30am. So, no point even starting (which is why I'm on here!) as I also had to get the DSs off to school/s.

The worst bits are watching time ticking away, living with the upheaval and mess of having to move everything to the edges of each room for the plastering, then back to the centre for the coving, then back to the edges for the ceiling painting, then back to the centre for the wall painting.... and repeat....

<rant over>

Rupster Tue 14-Jun-16 12:01:48

If your personal deadline is causing you stress, change it! After all, it was just arbitrary.

Changing your house should be an enjoyable experience, so go easy on yourself. Set yourself more relaxed targets. It'll all get done in the end!

Draylon Tue 14-Jun-16 15:28:52

I guess the ishoo is that I have family arriving from abroad towards the end of August, and I'd hoped I'd spend 2-ish week post our 2 week holiday (start of school hols) primping the house so it looks nice and welcoming- you know, adjusting throws and plumping cusions; not still be balancing on a bed rollering the walls the day before! grin.

wowfudge Wed 15-Jun-16 22:56:04

You can't always do everything you want to so prioritise. Which rooms with be most used when your visitors are here? Get the plasterer to do those rooms first if possible and work on getting them completed.

Can you not mist coat the one finished ceiling and get on with that?

As for cleaning brushes and rollers - I wrap them in cling film, put brushes in a small plastic bag and wrap the roller tray in cling film and put it and the roller in a bin bag with a clip on it. That way you can take a break, leave them overnight (or even longer if you've done it carefully) and then just pick up where you left off.

I have been known to throw brushes and rollers away at the end of decorating a room. Life is too short to spend ages clearing up!

In your position I would try to accept I wasn't going to get it all done and make the list of work more manageable.

Draylon Thu 16-Jun-16 23:39:18

I am trying zen! I have the next 10 days off! yay! apart from 2 on-calls; but there's not a lot I can do to proceed as my 'ceiling bloke' has gone- I hadn't counted on having to do what he said he'd do (sanding the new plaster, esp the coving, then misting -what IS misting?).

It will, of course, all 'be fine in the end' but I am heartily tired of the stasis of this project! It's killing my voom!

Draylon Fri 17-Jun-16 14:37:03

OK. Managed to find the time and energy to start one bedroom today!

Draylon Mon 20-Jun-16 19:02:22

Am quite pleased with myself! One bedroom finished except for new carpet; Entire downstairs hallway and corridor walls sanded, plus the inside of the front door, and the five other doors and frames in the hallway- all sanded down and all the woodwork on stairs including fiddly spindles sanded, too.

All brushed down, then washed down, floor washed, stair carpet vacuumed! So not 100% dust free but properly contained for now!

The front door join to the house wall had a hairline crack all the way down each side which I diligently cut into a V shaped groove in order to fill, and the diagonal strip of wood connecting the stairs to the wall, ditto. I may steel myself and fill all that tonight so I can start on the wall painting tomorrow!

I had to make a plastic sheet 'airlock' at the top of the stairs to stop the dust (THE DUST!) getting into the upstairs landing, which I will do next, but the builder hasn't quite finished the ceiling plaster sanding and paiting, yet.

DS (17) mouse-sanded one wall for me, very slowly and meticulously grin but it's probably the most obvious wall in terms of the sunlight coming through the windows of the front door so overdoing it was fine.

I have to say that finishing a room has given me the impetus to Get On With It. And I must admit, it looks quite sharp!

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