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Am new! Help with kitchen wall colour please?

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GlamGemini Mon 13-Jun-16 20:53:50

Am new around here, hello waves

Not my house, but my boyf's and kitchen is maple/oak type units, with black worktops, currently a grey floor, which maybe getting changed. Walls are magnolia, not sure what colour to do walls? He would like grey but would this work? We think its a west facing kitchen.

Hope someone can help with colour ideas? or suggestions for greys? we don't want to get it wrong!
Thank you very much in advance smile

Thelovecats Tue 14-Jun-16 03:08:36

I would say a taupe kind of colour?

CuntingDMjournos Tue 14-Jun-16 03:24:55

Pale blue,

CuntingDMjournos Tue 14-Jun-16 03:26:17

Pale blue?
Agree taupe
Gray sounds ok
Can you post a pic?

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