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Please can you help me with some cheap curtains for my unimaginative colour scheme?

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AntheasAcquaintance Wed 08-Jun-16 19:23:20

I have decided to decorate my room. I currently have no curtains, only blinds, and I am not getting very much sleep as a result. I am on a very tight budget so I don't want to spend a fortune, and I want to order and fit the curtains as soon as possible, before I have decorated because I just can't sleep. They need to be blackout curtains, or have a blackout lining. I will have a curtain pole, not a track. The blinds I have are ugly but I can't afford to change them. They are vertical blinds in beige/cream colour.

What I want do do is paint one wall blue, something like Dulux Blue Seduction 3, and the other 3 walls in Timeless. My bed is white wood, and the head end will be against the blue wall. I might paint the other walls at a later date. Bed linen is all plain white. I have only looked at colours online so the final choice might be slightly different.

I have never chosen my own paint before, or had the opportunity to decorate my house. It is the thought of choosing curtains that is holding me back, but I am so much in need of sleep I need to make a move and do something. I'm not too keen on patterns so I was looking at buying a pair of blue curtains and matching the paint to those but I don't know if it will look rubbish or not. I am not near shops, any shops, so the curtains must be purchased online.

It's a sort of Wedgewood blue I am aiming for.

If anybody who has a clue how to go about these things would take the time to help me not make a terrible mistake I would be grateful forevermore.

HonniBee Wed 08-Jun-16 19:34:37

What's your budget?
Ime blackout blinds are much more effective than curtains, especially on a budget. We recently had two custom made blinds from web-blinds. They are huge and were £60 each. Very effective at making it almost like night in the day.
They also send out free samples of colours so you can easily check your choice.

AntheasAcquaintance Wed 08-Jun-16 20:27:06

I can't have any other type of blinds as the window is very shallow. I could possibly have a roman blind but the window itself is very wide and not very high so it would possibly look odd. It is hard to explain but the house isn't standard construction and there isn't a recess like you would normally have at a window. This means that I would have to fit the blind above the top of the window frame rather than inside it. I would much prefer a blind and a curtain but I have to stick with the vertical blinds which are already there. Thank you for the idea though.

I don't have a specific budget in mind. I could probably stretch to £100 but i would be happy with something a lot cheaper. I don't think the curtains are going to be somthing I will love, but I want my bedroom to look like an grown ups bedroom.

PartyCityGhoul Wed 08-Jun-16 20:50:08

I can highly recommend getting a blackout blindfold in the interim if sleep is an issue - has revolutionised my sleep, and I swear the gentle pressure on my eyelids has reduced the amount I wake up during the night too. I got this from amazon and I luffs it, and could remove the absolute urgency for new curtains!

On the quick curtain front, Dunnelm seems to have a few blackout curtains in and seems to offer collection point returns - these look quite a close match to your blue, or wilkos have blackout liners which you could use with any curtains.

didireallysaythat Wed 08-Jun-16 22:04:37

Possibly too dark for you, but we have blackout blinds and then blue ikea blackout curtains (cheap cheap cheap). The curtains are long, and so cheap you can afford to have them nice and wide and long which I think makes curtains look more expensive. You can tie things in by using the same colour on a couple of cushions. I need to sleep in a cave..

Thelovecats Fri 10-Jun-16 14:41:36

It might be easier to choose blue curtains, then take them to B&Q or some thing for them to colour match the paint?

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