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White paint reccomendations please

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Jinglebellsarenearlyhere Wed 08-Jun-16 09:03:27

I am decorating my south facing sitting room and want to paint it white. It needs to be summery in the summer but cosy in the winter. We have a real fire in there. I am going for a leafy, outside / inside vibe but want to paint all the walls and ceiling white.

What are your best white recommendations. Prefer Dulux / Valspar to F&B because we are going to paint the room ourselves and we are not good enough to get a good finish using F&B!


Thelovecats Wed 08-Jun-16 18:13:33

You'll see it recommended on here a lot, but dulux timeless really does look good. We've just painted most of our new house in it and it looks great. I'm doing our new south facing sitting room in a similar greens/botanic style and will be painting the room timeless as well 😀

TremoloGreen Wed 08-Jun-16 22:51:14

Dulux Timeless (seconded)
Valspar Putty White or Welcoming White
Little Greene Slaked Lime or Whitening
Crown Sail White or Gallery White

Which way (compass direction) does the room face? What colours are your floors and furniture?

frenchielala Thu 09-Jun-16 08:03:51

Little Greene - Shirting

I have just painted my south facing kitchen in this and it looks fab - it gives a F&B finish but it really easy to paint with. They also do paint for radiators in the same shade which gives a nice finish if any of your rads are on show.

Twinkie1 Thu 09-Jun-16 08:07:18

Dulux Milky Pail (or Pale) is recommended by an architect friend of mine. We've got it in our kitchen and it's still white but soft, not bright white.

Buddahbelly Fri 10-Jun-16 08:52:21

as soon as I saw the white thread I had to come on and say Dulux Timeless... but see i've already been beaten to it. Its a soft chalky white I love it so much my whole house is decorated in it with accent colours thrown about here and there. smile

civilfawlty Fri 10-Jun-16 09:01:26

Dulux porcelain

jennyblonde82 Fri 10-Jun-16 19:31:23

Another thumbs up for Dulux timeless. It's modern and crisp but not too stark. I paint it everywhere.

jennyblonde82 Fri 10-Jun-16 19:33:13

Just to add that what I really love about timeless is that it doesn't look out of place with warm or cool accent colours. It goes with anything which is quite rare in my opinion.

Abraiid1 Fri 10-Jun-16 19:34:34

Dulux Almond White, in the trade Flat Matt. It is very chalky and expensive-looking and a lovely soft,warm white. Trade
Flat Matt is better than the ordinary version!

WordGetsAround Fri 10-Jun-16 19:37:23

You really have to use tester pots. I thought white was white until I started trying them all out! Dulux Timeless was awful in our south facing room. We chose Pointing (F&B) in the end and love it.

stinkbombcottage Sat 11-Jun-16 01:33:58

I'm a dulux diamond brilliant white fan as its so durable

ChablisTyrant Sat 11-Jun-16 03:53:21

Depends how white you want it. Timeless is just white but with the coldness of pure brilliant white taken off it.

You might want something even softer than that, which is where the F&B and Little Greene recommendations come in.

LazySusan11 Sat 11-Jun-16 11:21:51

Hijacking! I need a white that's cosy enough for a south facing bedroom and a North facing living room not to stark but cosy and will make the room look bigger.

We have used timeless in our south facing kitchen and it's lovely but can I paint every room in timeless?! hmm

Thelovecats Sat 11-Jun-16 13:02:10

I just have 😆 I like the feeling of unity from painting it all the same. The kids rooms are different colours but that's it.

Jinglebellsarenearlyhere Thu 16-Jun-16 23:17:56

Wow. I had totally forgotten I had posted this question and was perusing my mumsnet and saw it. It feels like finding an unopened Christmas present in the summer!!!!

So am very excited and have added all the suggestions to my shopping list for the weekend. I love a paint sample excursion!

Tremolo. The room faces due south. The only piece of furniture that has to remain in the room is a lila sofa.

Has any one used the Annie Sloan wall paints. An interior decorator friend of mine suggested it?

Lovecats tell me more about your green/botanical elements, I am struggling with that bit. We have a dado rail and its stopping me do my normal feature wall or mural etc etc. Pintrest isnot helping so I am stuck!

curlingandtwirling Fri 17-Jun-16 12:04:20

I'm going with Timeless, but not sure whether to go with Matt or Silk? Hallway, stairs and landing are currently painted a horrid apple white in silk, which is useful as I can wipe it clean, but the lounge and dining room are matt. What would you do? Also doing bedroom so in effect the whole house will be the same colour apart from kitchen and bathroom!

PrimalLass Fri 17-Jun-16 12:07:07


PrimalLass Fri 17-Jun-16 12:08:19

Definitely matt, but get the endurance stuff so it is wipeable.

curlingandtwirling Fri 17-Jun-16 15:09:15

I'll go with the endurance. Sorry for thread hijack Jingle!

Jinglebellsarenearlyhere Sun 19-Jun-16 11:22:04

Have just painted timless tester and love it but my interior designer professional best friend said he calls it granny white. So now I feel all old!!!!! He thinks I should do a white chalk paint type.

Originally I wanted wallpaper but can't find one I like that is bold but breezy!

Thelovecats Sun 19-Jun-16 17:26:51

This room is painted timeless- i don't think it's granny! Each to their own though. here

placemark123 Sat 24-Jun-17 10:32:50

to be honest Timeless can look very granny - I have used it in the past as ceilings, accent and all upstairs rooms and it looked fab, have used it in sitting room of our current house where we are trying to get away from the granny style and it's just augmented it. So it really can be great and look very smart, but it's not infallible is what I'd say.

TrollMummy Sun 25-Jun-17 18:33:01

Apologies for thread hijack but I have a white open plan kitchen/diner that needs repainting. Would timeless be an alternative and if so silk or endurance?

staceyturnbull1989 Wed 28-Jun-17 09:39:22

I agree with PrimalLass, our dog completely covered the kitchen with mud years ago - you'll be glad you chose something thats easy to wipe!

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