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Daisypod Mon 06-Jun-16 14:30:03

We recently moved into our new house and I love the process of working out decor and colour schemes but I am stuck on what to do with the kitchen. We cannot afford to replace anything so just looking at painting the walls. The units are cream, traditional style, the work top dark brown walnut look, the floor and wall tiles dark grey. It its quite dark with not much light coming in so I would like something bright on the walls but I cannot find a colour I like. All blurs look too cold or too bright next to the cream, same with green. Cream looks to dull and I feel white would make everything else look to stark. So any ideas?

MoonlightandMusic Mon 06-Jun-16 20:20:11

Would some variety of soft gold work? It would brighten without clashing with the yellow tones in the cream.

Craig & Rose used to do a nice one - think you can order from B&Q but the manufacturer will deliver either (B&Q don't have their full range). The alternative is to find a colour in a fabric that goes and bring it to an independent paint shop - they should be able to make something up fairly close to what you want.

Congrats on the house too!

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