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colour matching farrow and ball

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littlepinkseals Fri 03-Jun-16 22:13:40

After having bought practically every tester pot of green paint going, we have decided that we'd like Farrow and Ball's Green Ground in our kitchen. However, we have now been told that F & B paint isn't great for the kitchen as you end up rubbing off the paint if you try to get marks off. Has anyone successfully had a F and B paint colour matched? What brand did you use instead?

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Fri 03-Jun-16 22:39:58

valspar at b&q....great value and the premium paint is scrubbable. they can do it in kitchen paint also

WellErrr Fri 03-Jun-16 22:46:16

F&B paint is a nightmare (I found...!).

Our whole house is colour matched F&B in B&Q Valspar premium. Matched from the tester card. Look great and are scrubbable.

amazonianwoman Sun 05-Jun-16 04:16:33

I used Valspar to colour match a Dulux colour which was out of stock a couple of months ago, it was way off, awful match.

Our kitchen units are painted in an oil based eggshell F&B colour matched by Johnstone Leyland - excellent.

Otherwise F&B modern emulsion is wipeable for walls - had no problems with this on our kitchen walls (2 dogs so walls are regularly scrubbed!)

Lisad1975 Sun 05-Jun-16 04:20:52

Johnstones matched our f&b and is great ! So much bloody cheaper too !

Just5minswithDacre Sun 05-Jun-16 04:47:48

Yes Johnstones. They don't bat an eyelid, I'm sure colour matching premium paints is half their trade. Just look up a local Johnstones stockist and take the F & B colour card in.

You're decorators are telling the truth about F & B emulsion BTW.

AddictedToCoYo Sun 05-Jun-16 04:59:47

I have used F&B in the kitchen and it was fantastic. I had no issues with not being able to wipe it or scrub it and I'd say I found it more than hard wearing enough but you do need to make sure you buy the modern emulsion and not the chalky one.

In my experience it is impossible to get a totally accurate colour match of F&B colours, and I've tried more than once then given in and bought the real deal after a few failed attempts at copying. And even if you get a close match on colour there will away be something a bit off about the finish and the way it reacts to and changes in various lights.

That sAid, if you obsess about F&B and constantly compare it to other lesser products you'll be disappointed. If you just decide to forget F&B and choose a colour you love from Dulux or Valspar or whatever and stop stressing over whether or not it's identical to F&B you'll probably be perfectly happy with it.

AddictedToCoYo Sun 05-Jun-16 05:07:01

Also I have heard that lots of decorators dislike using F&B because it's thinner and takes more time and care to build up an opaque finish. Plus they like to provide their own paint where possible to keep up their account with their preferred supplier where they might get credit and it's unlikely they'll be able to buy F&B like that.

They might just say it's not hard wearing to put you off using it because it doesn't suit them for whatever reason. Some decorators like thicker paints that dry quickly that they can slap on and get out quickly. If they've quoted you based on time and you drop it in after the quote that you'll be using F&B they won't be thrilled. Just insist on what you want and let them justify why they are not happy about it.

littlepinkseals Sun 05-Jun-16 12:07:24

Thank you everyone, have got a Johnstone trade place nearby, will give them a try. Not bothered about it having to be farrow and ball paint, just liked the colour. Spent a small fortune on getting dulux tester pots made up to be what looked like similar colours to the f&b green ground on the sample cards but were nothing like it. I'll take the f&b pot to be (hopefully) matched.

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