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boys bedding / crib sets? where to buy?

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HannahLington Mon 23-May-16 14:39:31

Hi everyone!
I am looking for bedding sets for my boy(s) and for once I am trying to get some information from the internet.
Do you still by your bedding sets in physical stores or do you order online? It will be my first time so any input from you guys would be received with much appreciation. My boys are in the age of 10 and logos seems to be what they are after. As a mother, I just want it to be good quality, washable and decent price.

bickel82 Tue 24-May-16 12:52:25

I guess it is time to make a contribution smile
No but seriously, I have been looking for bedding sets for my boys recently. I bought a "Dream Factory Truck bedding set" thanks to a recommendation from this site; We have been very pleased with the product so far. Bright and cherry colors. It is a lightweight comforter and will be good for summer. It has been washed in the washing machine ones and it looks like new, still. We ordered this bedding set from Amazon without any hassle. I know you can get it from wall mart as well though, but not sure about the pricing there.

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