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Bold multicoloured armchair - how to decorate

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mrsmadiba Sat 21-May-16 19:25:35

Hi all, we recently moved into a new house and decided to treat ourselves to a new armchair as it was massively reduced and we both loved it.

It has turned up and we still love it, but it sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest of our stuff. I suppose my general 'style' is sort of shabby/hippyish. We've got faded old sofas, faded cheapo kilims and rag rugs, old mostly dark wood furniture, loads of plants and mobiles and drapy bits everywhere.

I know it probably sounds ghastly to a lot of you - I haven't really changed my taste since I was a student! - but anyway it's our stuff so unless I buy everything new we've got to figure out a way to fit this chair in! We do need new curtains and a new sofa. What would you do? I'm stuck between a)Try to pick out one or 2 of the colours from the chair (like yellow or pink or purple velvet) and get rid of everything else that looks old and shabby or b) just decorate as I usually would as if it were not there and wait for the colours to fade (it is more colourful than in the pictures). Or c)any genius suggestions?

Thanks for reading - first world problems I know!

feeblefingers Tue 31-May-16 13:58:42

Wow! That's gorgeous. Dark wood furniture would look amazing with those rich colours. I would be inclined to pick out some of the colours ie the pink and purple for some cushions to add to your sofa. You could either make your own (envelope style, dead easy) or find them in Matalan, Dunelm, Home Sense - charity shops can be good hunting grounds. It would be expensive to buy new everything to match the chair. Why not take everything out and put back a few carefully chosen favourites. Look on Houzz or Pinterest for ideas.....

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