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help with Navy and Gold wallpaper please

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LaurieFairyCake Tue 10-May-16 18:06:42

I've picked some lovely wallpaper for a room with a high ceiling (9/10 feet) and it has a picture rail all round the top about one foot from the top.

Should I get it matched all the way down or leave the top above the picture rail white confused

chocolatepudandchocolatesauce Tue 10-May-16 18:30:38

Leave the top of the picture rail white (matching the ceiling).

AesopsMables Tue 10-May-16 21:02:02

Does the room have archiving that you can keep matched to the ceiling? If so, then I would go above the picture rail with the wallpaper as it will keep the 'height' in the room.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 10-May-16 21:37:32

Yes, it's got coving round the top.

I'm wondering if I only go up to the picture rail if it will shorten the walls (I don't want that) confused

LaurieFairyCake Tue 10-May-16 21:39:16

This room

poochiepants Fri 13-May-16 22:35:37

Only to the rail, and the rail and above should match the ceiling. Or be a single tone darker than the ceiling. That'll make the ceiling appear to be reaching up higher.

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