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50 million shades of grey. Will it look lighter or darker over a large area?

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redhat Mon 09-May-16 09:00:58

We are having our house painted next week. At the moment it is cream which looks very bland with the white UPVC windows (which we can't currently afford to replace). We are therefore going with grey. I spent the weekend trying out paint colours and have discarded anything dark.

The colour I like best is fired Earth Bone White which is actually a very pale grey. We have it in the kitchen where it very definitely looks grey. On the exterior wall however (on the hottest and sunniest day of the year) it looks very pale. I am concerned about the winter months where the light is completely different.

I think it will look more grey once the whole house is that colour, particularly against the windows. DH thinks the large area might make it look even paler.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a very pale grey? I am looking for something which doesn't read blue or purple (which a lot seem to). Just something very soft. More of a hint of grey if anything.

I suspect the house right look like a patchwork quilt of greys by the end of today.....

redhat Mon 09-May-16 09:05:34

might look like a patchwork quilt

MancMum01 Mon 09-May-16 09:48:13

I am painting (well others better than me are) my entire house the same shade of grey this week - we did the quilt and the same colour does look different in each room but I like that it still feels the same and ties the house together rather than having the each room a different colour and feeling very disconnected. doing it with large amount of white to reflect light to lighten it up

I went down the designer guild paint route - I would suggest their polished cement or portobello gray as true greys - all the others whilst lovely were too blue

AmyInTheBoonies Mon 09-May-16 19:08:23

Having spent ages looking for a nice grey my experience is it looks lighter once the whole room is done. I haven't done any dark greys though.

alwayshelp Wed 11-May-16 13:01:44

Try 10 B 15, it's a British Standard Colour number. It's often referred to as soft white, but warm and neutral. It will look lovely in the summer. Very light and airy, but warm in winter months.

The carpets, curtains, furniture, nicknack's, etc add the colour to the room. Just a suggestion.

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