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How to prepare for builders?

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Honesttodog Mon 25-Apr-16 10:26:33

Hi, just wondering how far to go with putting stuff away while builders are in? They say 3 months so I assume 4-5 months.

Will take down stuff on walls, should I roll up rugs in the whole house? We have gappy floorboards so am trying to think about how to minimise dust getting in beneath the boards.... Vs having filthy rugs.

Minimising kids toys? Less to pick up if house is messy/dusty?

Knick knacks? Put all away to minimise dust?

Planning box up some clothes also, anything out of season....

Am a bit petrified.

Rh1annon Mon 25-Apr-16 11:10:33

The builders should brig dust sheets to put over sofa and bed and cot etc. Are you staying in the house, what are you having done

Honesttodog Tue 26-Apr-16 11:28:07

Yes staying in the house.

Working on a big bathroom with shower and tub, laundry room, and lighting, fuse box and boiler. And retiling another bathroom

CaurnieBred Tue 26-Apr-16 11:33:50

Close all room doors whilst they are working as this minimises the dust getting into the rest of the house. If there are rooms that you won't be using at all, put masking tape around the door frame. Try and clear shelves so if it is dusty it is easy to wipe.

If they are good builders they will have someone who does the "grunt" work and they will sweep/hoover and wipe down the main areas at the end of each day (they did with ours). Ours put plastic sticky protective stuff on our stair carpet that just peeled off and stopped the carpet getting filthy.

MrsFlorrick Tue 03-May-16 00:00:00

Put rugs away and small items or they will end up dusty.

As suggested get sticky backed carpet protector and put it down not just where the builders are walking but where you are waking too. Or you'll be dragging building dust with you every time you're bringing them a cup of tea or checking on progress.

Also get masking tape and long roll of dust sheet (plastic kind on longs rolls of 10 to 25m). Tape up sheets around door openings into areas builders will be working to keep dust in that area. Ie tape two sheets which are slightly loose and overlap in the middle so you can get in and out but trap dust. Also do this into your main living areas to keep dust out.

But do prepare for the fact that your life will be slightly crunchy (with dust) for the next few months.

Good luck with the project smile

Ditsy4 Wed 04-May-16 08:06:01

Yes roll up rugs you want to keep. You could get a cheap one or charity shop one to go down then throw. Yes to the plastic get good quality or it will annoy you if just cheap builders plastic.
Kids toys box up and label then rotate. That way kids won't get board and it is like Christmas when they rediscover them.
Lots of teabags and some mugs that are not special in case they get knocked over. Biscuits or cake. Keep them sweet and they will be easy to work with. The odd tray of pies/sausage rolls goes down well on a cold day.
Hopefully they will vacuum up their mess but don't use a good vacuum cleaner as you might have to replace it. I did. So either be prepared for it to die or buy a cheap one to do the job.
Invite friends now in the hope for a return visit while work is being done. The noise will get you down. Make sure neighbours are informed. Get them a bottle of wine or chocolates when finished as my neighbours spent over a year sometimes starting at 8 am on a Saturday and Sunday. I used to go out when he was drilling and not a single gift was offered afterwards. I was a bit peed off. We had it for about three years on and off and still wake up to the occasional banging.

Honesttodog Wed 04-May-16 14:22:21

I forgot to come back to this thread!

So put away toys even though they aren't working where the kids toys are? Just to have less to put away? Kids have toys in their room on 2nd floor and on ground floor by kitchen in IKEA drawers.

Work is next to our bedroom so am thinking to put stuff in boxes/bin liners in the cupboards and off open shelves.

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