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garden landscaping costs

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billex22b Sun 24-Apr-16 16:52:27

Hi all. Looking for some feedback on the quote I have been given for a major rejig of my garden which we have not touched since we bought the house 4 years ago.

Its a 50 x 20ft garden in South London with old concrete slabs down left side and a half broken up old patio.

We asked for a quote to break up existing patio and lay new natural sandstone patio with a further smaller area of paving at bottom of garden next to shed. To break up and remove the old concrete slabs down left side and replace with traditional raised beds and put in a new flat bed along right side with new rich soil and prune and remove some of existing plants and fill the gaps with a selection of perennials he will buy and advise on. Finally the existing lawn will be levelled and returfed.

We've been quoted £3500 inc VAT for this work. At first this seemed reasonable but now I am not so sure. And similar experiences or stories to share most welcome!

DoreenLethal Sun 24-Apr-16 16:55:09

Well, that's quite a job.

Get three quotes and then you will know what the average going rate for that is. I suspect the main part of the work is the breaking up and removal of concrete, that will need a skip and quite heavy duty tools

billex22b Sun 24-Apr-16 17:05:10

Ha yes I know you're right and I normally do just that but I am short on time and I like this guy he seems on the level I kinda just wanted to get some examples from other peeps out there before I hire him. So I am basically using mumsnet instead of doing a thorough procurement exercise!

billex22b Sun 24-Apr-16 20:40:01

Anyone else have any thoughts?

waterandtea Sun 24-Apr-16 23:04:19

That seems reasonable to me. We had a patio redone in similar size London garden and fencing done, the main cost was the breaking up/levelling etc for patio and the patio costs was about £5k if I remember (I did choose expensive tiles though)

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