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Painting a new kitchen, should I use a specialist kitchen painter or a good decorator?

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Freddieready Sun 24-Apr-16 13:14:17

We are installing a new kitchen which we want painting in a plain French grey colour. There is no antiquing or any special finish.
We have been quoted by both our decorator and a specialist kitchen painter. The difference in price for the specialist is about double and both have suggested the same spec. Has anyone got any advice to offer for reasons why I should choose a specialist over a normal good decorator?

MattDillonsPants Sun 24-Apr-16 13:21:49

My DH is a decorator...not a specialist one. He says you should pay the specialist if you can because the difference will be really obvious.

He, as a decorator has done kitchens but he is very experienced...and he says it's a bit of a risk unless you are certain your decorator is an excellent painter.

lightingseeds Sun 24-Apr-16 19:27:57

Oh my god, I'd been considering painting my kitchen-diner myself (mostly because the window of opportunity for painting will be quite small and I was glad to save myself the chore of lining up yet another professional). Is kitchen painting really such a rarified art? What am I missing? What's so special about it?

BettyApplewhite Sun 24-Apr-16 19:33:59

I think the OP means the actual kitchen, i.e. units, lighting you can paint the walls yourself. I'm doing it next weekend grin

MattDillonsPants Sun 24-Apr-16 19:35:45

Yes I think the OP means the units. Which is tricky because you want a beautiful finish...and it's not easy to achieve.

lightingseeds Sun 24-Apr-16 20:21:01

Ah yes, that makes more sense, sorry to derail the thread, as you were...

Freddieready Sun 24-Apr-16 22:22:38

I do mean the actual units!!

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