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Freestanding kitchens

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BoboChic Sun 24-Apr-16 10:02:02

I'm about to move and I want a freestanding rather than a fitted kitchen. The property is a spacious late 19th C apartment in Paris so an English country style kitchen won't work. I love the Alpes Inox look but not for the whole kitchen - I'm thinking of a sink unit and perhaps a drawer unit. I have a very pretty antique glass doored double fronted cupboard for china. I need some more cupboards. Any ideas?

NancyDecca Tue 26-Apr-16 19:06:47

I have just looked up Alpes Inox and some of the photos of them are lovely. My worry about a freestanding kitchen has always been crumbs etc falling down between the cracks (which makes me sound more houseproud that I actually am ).
What look are you going for e.g. if you were to get the ss units would you want to have wooden cupboards etc - and what are they for. I would be tempted to have one run of cupboards with a continuous worktop if there is room, mixed with the freestanding / antique bits but without knowing your style it's hard to say on particular cupboards - do you have a photo of a kitchen you like? Also the more drawers the better in my view - much easier for access for e.g. pans. It depends what needs to be stored after the drawers / antique cupboard are filled. Would you have open shelving - again I think this can look lovely but I worry about things getting dusty etc.

Sorry not particularly helpful but it sounds like it could be lovely.

NancyDecca Tue 26-Apr-16 19:26:59

Does anything on here appeal to you ?

NancyDecca Tue 26-Apr-16 20:14:55

I also love the dark grey version of this - but it may be too "fitted" for you, and also no doubt £££ or indeed euros. However I suspect they could incorporate with the freestanding bits.
However, you do realise this has become less about you and more about me grin

BoboChic Wed 27-Apr-16 18:35:49

Hi NancyDecca - you are very helpful smile

I love some of the Chalon stuff - obviously it's bespoke and adapts to different customer requirements. Mark Wilkinson is a bit heavy going - the underlying functional ideas are fine but the execution is too big for my purposes.

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