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Mid Sleeper Bed

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redleader Mon 18-Apr-16 13:45:19

I want to get a mid sleeper bed but I want something that I can convert to a high sleeper when DS gets older.

I can only find systems where you buy the single bed and then the conversion to a mid sleeper and then another conversion to the high sleeper which works out expensive.

Any one got something similar or any recommendations

Cressandra Tue 19-Apr-16 09:39:17

The thuka system is completely modular - it's not necessarily obvious from the various packages, but we had a custom selection of bits from rainbow wood south and we didn't pay a premium. I wouldn't think you need to buy single bed plus midsleeper kit plus highsleeper kit. Turn it round - you need a high sleeper, plus some shorter legs, and a shorter ladder. Might be worth talking directly to a supplier to see what they can do. That said, Thuka is mainstream and not that cheap so I suspect you've tried them already!

It might be worth pricing up an ikea kura and high sleeper. The kura is so keenly priced, it might work out cheaper to get 2 beds than one.

The other option is get a midsleeper and ask a carpenter to convert it for you in the future, maybe? We were thinking more the other way round, that we might want to convert the midsleeper to a normal bed, and DH just pointed out he had a saw!

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