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Help: Ikea bodbyn doors or paint our own to match blue-grey tiles

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LeeMiller Tue 12-Apr-16 17:16:36

Hello all. I could really do with some advice on kitchen design. We are moving in to a flat with a smallish square kitchen. It has wooden floors. The kitchen is tiled 3/4 of the way up with bluey-grey metro tiles that predate the current metro tiles trend by several generations. We rather like them and removing and retiling would be expensive so we're inclined to keep them.

However, the tiles are causing problems in terms of kitchen cabinets.
We are on a low budget and we like the unfitted kitchen look so will get a freestanding oven, fridge and dresser, but are planning to use some ikea cabinets to support a domsjo sink and give us a bit of worksurface (butchers block probably). We like rustic but NOT anything twee.

We had a look at Ikea doors but the only style we really like is Bodbyn. But DH thinks grey would be too heavy for the small space, while I don't like the cream. It looked so yellowey in store, and I think it'd be even worse aginst bluey-grey tiles, and not look crisp or fresh at all. Has anyone got experience of these? Are they very yellow toned in natural light? Am I being too fussy?!

I much prefer the idea of white or perhaps a paler bluey-grey of the same tone of the tiles (I think I'm just a cool coloour person), but that would involve painting our own. We have found a company who do wooden doors and drawer-fronts to fit ikea bases but we'd have to paint, prime, etc, and I'm worried it would look cheap and wouldn't last. Has anyone tried this? What colour would you go for?

We are in Italy so aside from Ikea there are limited cheap options which aren't super glossy euro-chic style.

StillCalendula Thu 14-Apr-16 22:59:03

Yes, Bodbyn is off-white, slightly yellowish. Why don't you buy them in white and paint in the colour you want? You will need to lightly sand the doors, but not more.

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