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A good mattress

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homeworkinghubbard Mon 11-Apr-16 20:21:00


Can anyone recommend a good firm mattress, please? Both of us feel a bit seasick when we've tried the memory foam ones, but just want something with lots of pocketed springs, nice and supportive. Any recommendations?

Thanks very much! x

SalmonMaki Mon 11-Apr-16 20:22:30

Vi Spring, one of the best household things we've ever bought. Pricey, but we think it's been well worth it.

ispymincepie Mon 11-Apr-16 20:27:45

IKEA ones are surprisingly good. We just bought a super king size sprung for £300.

homeworkinghubbard Tue 12-Apr-16 14:30:51

Thank you! Ispy, do you know if they have Memory foam toppers? Will check them out if not.

Thanks Salmon, too x

duchic Wed 13-Apr-16 15:31:26

here is an article I wrote over this subject.

Which Kind of Mattress Is The Appropriate One For Sleeping?

Imagine that when buying mattress, which kind of one do you want to buy? The soft one or the hard one? Nowadays, there are too many different raw material mattress but it is better to choose the spring bed for sleeping.
As is known to all, good sleep is the basic of health and top quality sleeping would have the tremendous impact on human health. Under such circumstance, it is important to choose the comfortable mattress for sleeping. However, do you know which kinds of mattress is the best mattress and how to distinguish the top quality mattress and poor quality mattress.
When buying the mattress, consumer should consider too many factors such as its permeability, reduced pressure degree, support degree, tensile force, sleep temperature, sleep humidity and other aspects. Different people have the different situations such as the weight, height, personal habits and preferences, therefore if you want to buy mattress you must consider the local climate, personal income and your own specific conditions. Nowadays in the mattress market, there are too many different mattress such as mechanical spring mattress, latex mattress, palm mattress, memory foam mattress and other, generally speaking, different raw materials mattress have their own advantages and disadvantage, as for how to judge the good mattress, you can take two indexes, the first one is the body spine always keep straight and feel comfortable no matter what kind of sleeping posture, and the second one is people would feel full relaxed when lying on the mattress.
Which kind of mattress is better? The soft one or the hard one? The soft or hardness requirements on mattress is very different in Western consumers and the Chinese consumers. As usual, the Chinese consumers are more likely to choose the a little harder mattress while the Western consumers tend to choose the soft mattress. However if judged according to the scientific research, which one is better? In fact, the latest study shows that the soft mattress will reduce the bearing power of chine and the hard mattress doesn’t have the enough comfortable degree, therefore both too soft and too hard mattress are not beneficial to the sleep quality because the soft degree or the hard degree is directly affect the quality of sleep. Compared with the too hard wood mattress and too soft sponge bed, spring bed with the moderate hardness is more conducive to good sleep.
Mattress with enough elasticity play the important role in the body's comfort degree and the quality of sleep. The bearing on the whole body from the spring bed is relatively uniform and reasonable, which not only play a full role in supporting, but also ensure a reasonable spinal physiological curvature. Therefore it is better to choose the spring bed for sleeping.

Cakescakescakes Wed 13-Apr-16 15:34:06

I'm also wondering this but problem is we need a European size double mattress. Anyone know anywhere except for IKEA where you can get this size? Want to treat ourselves to a really good one as I have a lot of back and hip problems (which is probably early stages of arthritis sad x

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