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Living room focal point

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Bluesand1 Sun 10-Apr-16 20:45:29

Help! We live in a 90s build house with a living room through dining room (open square arch way). In the dining room we have a smallish chair and book cases as we keep our table in the dining kitchen. We had an old fireplace in the living room not to our taste thst we never used and took up space. We've removed it to put a tv on the wall but what would you put below the tv? A tv unit or a sideboard like the ones Next does perhaps? Any suggestions? We have a medium oak laminate floor. Thanks!

Bluesand1 Sun 10-Apr-16 20:46:57

No chimney breast just a flat old style character but we wanted a modern house for various reasons.

3catsandcounting Mon 11-Apr-16 00:11:11

We've got a long, low oak cabinet beneath our wall-mounted TV. It works well. The TV is 55", the cabinet spans the TV and a bit more
and is not particularly deep.
It's important to have the TV at the right height (not above a fireplace where you get a crick in your neck)

Bluesand1 Mon 11-Apr-16 07:18:21

Thanks that seems to be what we are thinking ...any other ideas?

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