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North facing kitchen in dark blue??

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ClimbingPenguin Sun 10-Apr-16 00:08:53

We have a north facing kitchen that I'm ready to face decorating. It gets a lot of light and has large patio doors plus a wide window and side door. Units and appliances are all white. I was thinking of a dark blue on one wall and brilliant white everywhere else but have never chosen colours or decorated ever and getting cold feet. Is this silly, especially for a N room or a case of being brave and going for it. I was confident until dark kitchen colours seemed difficult to find.

JasperDamerel Sun 10-Apr-16 00:12:22

Do it! My kitchen has windows on both sides (North and South facing) and looks great with those colours. I would happily use the same paint in a kitchen that was only North facing.

JasperDamerel Sun 10-Apr-16 00:16:09

Here's a picture of mine. The window in the picture is South-Facing, but it's early morning February light in the photo, so not really warm or bright.

echt Sun 10-Apr-16 04:06:02

Blue paints quite often have red tints and glow in lower light, so not always cold. I think it sounds good, and Jasper's kitchen looks lovely.

wowfudge Sun 10-Apr-16 06:59:54

Jasper my beloved kitchen in our old house was that exact layout!

ClimbingPenguin Sun 10-Apr-16 13:33:22

Yay grin jasper that's the kind of look I as hoping for.

Next question, it's a kitchen diner. Most walls have little space until the dining table wall. I think the kitchen area can take the dark colour but worried about the larger walls hence mixing coloured walls. Have attempted pictures (another first)

JasperDamerel Sun 10-Apr-16 14:33:37

Mine's a kitchen diner, but in two very distinct sections. The dining room walls are all white., and the dark blue is only on the walls with cupboards.

PETRONELLAS Sun 10-Apr-16 21:12:25

Love your kitchens. Climbing I need to know where the dining chairs are from! Please. And agree blue will be great, or even a teal. Snap Lakeland Heated Airer btw.

ClimbingPenguin Sun 10-Apr-16 22:52:52

I knew a MNer would spot the Lakeland airer.

The table and chairs were from fair trade place in Notts Judging by AIBU threads on weddings we were apparently rather crass about requesting vouchers for a particular place. The table and chairs were what we brought with them. We have the one in the top picture but that colour doesn't seem to be on their list.

Thanks again everyone smile

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