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pinkandpurplesparkle Tue 05-Apr-16 10:24:03

First post in ages ... needing your advice please smile ... currently preparing former family home for sale (been rented out for some years) and need to make a decision about whether to renew the downstairs flooring. At the moment it's beech effect laminate in the livingroom and part of the hall, and lino in another part of the hall (sounds grim, but not that bad, honestly) ... so wwyd ... new (darker) laminate throughout? All advice gratefully received. Estate agent says "not to spend too much" which is fair enough ... but I need opinions of what will encourage people to buy the house (ie assuming everything else is fine eg OK area). Thanks smile

nutmegandginger Tue 05-Apr-16 16:30:49

The thing is, good quality flooring can be really expensive, and is so much down to personal taste. Personally (having recently been a house-buyer) would prefer a house where the flooring was a bit tired and could do with refreshing, which meant I could choose what type of surface/colour/effect to have, then somewhere that had just been redone (which would mean realistically paying a bit more for the house to reflect that), but possibly in a material that I really didn't like, or was incompatible with our lifestyle. Does the Estate agent think the flooring needs redoing for the house to sell?

pinkandpurplesparkle Wed 06-Apr-16 08:45:09

Thanks nutmeg, this is a really useful perspective smile. I have an estate agent coming to have a look at the house next Wed so will get her views then ... I think maybe I will replace the hall vinyl with more beech effect laminate so at least it all "matches" (plus, the hall vinyl has a small tear at one point so it looks shabby). This is a relatively small area which I hope I can do for not too much money. Previously I'd been thinking of renewing the whole lot downstairs which was going to be a lot of work, not to mention potentially expensive shock.

Are you enjoying your new house? smile

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