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Dark or mid grey sofa?

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Hopalot Mon 04-Apr-16 16:58:13

Looking to buy a corner sofa from but cannot decide. The walls are pale grey ( f & b Cornforth White dupe) also oak floor, & ivory curtains. I'm worried that the dark grey may be a bit overpowering but may be more practical. DC have left home so only have a small dog now, any thoughts?

TheAussieProject Mon 04-Apr-16 20:35:32

I really like mid grey, and actually,if you have a pet, if see more hair on darker fabric than mid-shades one. You don't have any more children now at home so ditch the practical and go for the smooth and lovely mid grey! Just try to buy a washable cover.

trinity0097 Tue 05-Apr-16 07:32:18

We have mid//dark grey background theme and it's fab for changing the scheme with just cheap cushions when I feel the need for a change!

Hopalot Tue 05-Apr-16 22:05:41

Thank you both for your input. The dog doesn't shed so that's not a problem. In fact she's grey too so will blend in well! I'll have a look at Pinterest too.

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