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Rental property- no space for big fridge!

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Candycandle Sun 03-Apr-16 15:04:42

I doubt this is the right section to put this post in but my DH and I are looking at a rental property with no space for a big fridge. There's space for an under counter fridge with icebox but I have three young kids. What would you recommend under counter fridge wise and also, would a second undercounter fridge with icebox look daft in a dining room? Do any of you have fridges in your dining room? Do you fablon it and put a table cloth over it?
Thanks in advance.

venys Sun 03-Apr-16 21:13:08

We bought a place like this, and until we did up our kitchen we took the door off the hallway cupboard (right next to kitchen door) and stuck it in there. Is there something like that in the property. Weirdly enough we haven't finished our house yet and our temporary fridge is in the dining room and permanent fridge is in its home.

Candycandle Sun 03-Apr-16 21:30:57

Sadly, it's a terrace house so the kitchen is next to the dining room and at the other end there's a bathroom sad

SavoyCabbage Sun 03-Apr-16 21:35:41

We had to put our fridge outside the kitchen area when we rented as ours was too tall.

Trills Sun 03-Apr-16 21:38:16

I had a small undercounter fridge and then a freezer in the dining room.

Byrdie Mon 04-Apr-16 17:51:52

I have always had a big fridge, till we moved and now we have an under the counter fridge and an under the counter freezer and with a family of 2 adults and 3 kids, we do ok. There are times it's a little small but i put veggies and eggs in the larder to free up some space. It works - just. I console myself that i must be saving some energy.

Byrdie Mon 04-Apr-16 17:54:16

Sorry - to answer your actual question, i think it would look odd - or at least it would in our dining room. I would struggle without the separate freezer.

Cressandra Mon 04-Apr-16 23:51:26

DH used to have his fridge in the hall.

I'd do fridge with no icebox under the counter, and separate small freezer in the dining room. It's not perfect but who goes to someone else's house and judges the arrangement of white goods?!

Qwebec Tue 05-Apr-16 01:40:59

I think you can get away with one in the dinning room, but then I would get a fancy one.über modern, retro or funky colored one depensding of you style.
Alternatively there seems to exist over the counter fridges but they seem really small.

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