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Bathroom colours? Inspire me!

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AlpacaPicnic Sun 03-Apr-16 13:17:36

I've got a huge, light bathroom, which is shortly going to be tiled on two walls with pale grey tiles, new white suite and a new Lino flooring as shown in terrible picture! The room has two huge windows which makes me feel it could take a bold colour, so I'm dithering between matt plum or a vivid jade green.
Any other thoughts? I'm not a fan of nautical themed bathrooms so would rather avoid blue, but apart from that...

duchic Thu 07-Apr-16 13:34:56

For a wet bathroom , opt for acrylic paint to bathroom, satin or gloss .
These paintings washable, waterproof designed for wet rooms , are anti grease or anti mold

pinkandpurplesparkle Thu 07-Apr-16 14:38:31

Vivid jade green sounds like it would be spectacular! I'd love the plum, but it could potentially be dark (even with the windows). I'm also into vibrant teal at the moment (but maybe that's a bit like your vivid jade green idea). Need photos once it's done! Would you consider doing match pots on a big board and moving them round the room to get an idea of how the colours look smile

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