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Silestone or Caesarstone for worktops - any experiences?

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langlandgirl Sun 03-Apr-16 10:21:13

i really want marble but we are messy cooks who use lots of lemon and turmeric so are sadly steering clear. However i can't decide what to choose instead. I am not too fussed on the marble imitations but do want something white toned/with texture and ideally polished so we get some shine in our dark room. I don't like the busy granite such as kashmir white and river. I am currently doing my own head in, one part of my brain is insisting on getting it perfect the other is telling me to get a grip it's only a worktop! please help!

wonkylegs Sun 03-Apr-16 14:23:09

We've got this one in our kitchen, has been in 2 years and still immaculate despite us pickling beetroot, making Blackcurrent gin and having exploding elderberry wine on it. It's rather beautiful and looks great, it's stood up far better than the brown marble we had in old kitchen which was great but got the shine removed by some careless lemon juice spillage, no such problem with the Silestone.

langlandgirl Fri 08-Apr-16 17:01:13

thanks wonkylegs Just spoke to Silestone rep and going up to the warehouse in Gloucester to look at slabs in the hope it will help me decide!

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