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East north east facing room - paint colours

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bookishandblondish Sat 26-Mar-16 23:40:35

Hello - I'm about to move into a small terraced house where the dinning room ( east facing) leads directly on to the kitchen ( north Windows but also east window). Currently decor is very yellow beige and felt both cloying and dull. Am planning to replace carpet with a goldeny one/ kitchen is terracotta tiles.

I like quite clear/ clean colours and want it to be spacious, warm, friendly. Furniture/ accessories tend to be oak/ colourful ( prints/ books/ fabric )

Any thoughts?
I like to look of little greene's starlings egg ( but worried it will be too cold), first light, rusling and F&B Tallow, Cabbage White ( ditto cold)

I'm not afraid of deep colours - just don't think it would work well with the layout.

By the way, I've been a tenant for years so white/ magnolia are out. I'm also not particularly into grey smile.

SpookyRachel Sat 26-Mar-16 23:50:48

I'll await answers with interest, as I need to repaint dd's room which is also north/east facing, a small attic room with sloping ceiling. She's into blue and yellow. Kevin McCloud tells me I should go with the British light and go for cool tones (was thinking a very pale blue); Ideal Home says avoid cool tones like the plague and go for something sunny and warm (a yellow-based neutral?).

bookishandblondish Sun 27-Mar-16 06:59:32

That's exactly my dilemma - and I'd like a bit of a steer before buying every tester in the shop.

SpookyRachel Sun 27-Mar-16 23:40:25

Surely someone will come along soon to give us expert advice?! grin

SwedishEdith Sun 27-Mar-16 23:50:02

Our bathroom is north east facing and it's Borrowed Light (F&B colour matched). I think it's cool but not cold.

bookishandblondish Mon 28-Mar-16 15:49:58

So borrowed light on the list - thanks Swedish.

I'm fairly certain that there must be more north east facing rooms around. By the way, I get keys on the 8th so will be trying testers/ trying out ideas then.

Honu Mon 28-Mar-16 17:45:44

Watching with interest!
Our dining room faces NNE and I'll tell you what doesn't look good - dulux nutmeg white! We had an extension built on to the dining room and the extension is all nutmeg white and looks great - but is S and W facing. Because the dining room was messed up by the build it needed repainting so, for ease, it was also done in nutmeg white. Unlike the other rooms it looks bluey-mauve (think a pale version of Blue Moon roses which I dislike), cold and unpleasant - so unpleasant it's going to have to be done again.
I can't afford another mistake so help desperately needed.

SpookyRachel Mon 28-Mar-16 22:36:25

Borrowed Light was already on my shortlist and I have a tester pot of it, so it's good to get a recommendation.

I have been wondering about a warmer neutral - a very pale taupe or sand colour, but Honu's experience with nutmeg white is unnerving me. I see that Clas Ohlsen does (cheap!) paint and there was one that looked promising called Warm Sand. Has anyone tried Clas Ohlsen?

Cressandra Tue 29-Mar-16 11:52:36

Sand will work with the oak if the oak is dark enough. I tried it for our north facing bedroom, trying to get some warmth in, and the ash furniture kind of matched and disappeared into it. Didn't work at all, wood was too pale.

I have given up on warm colours in there, I never like them as much as blues and our furniture is too yellow to get taupe to work I know you said no white, but how about mixing some white walls with one or two walls of some funky wallpaper? I like willow pattern style toile at the moment - detail with a very simple palette - but scandi wallpaper would be more current.

bookishandblondish Tue 29-Mar-16 17:56:59

Wallpaper - not sure my decorating skills are up to it.

JT05 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:20:54

Dulux Light reflecting in First Frost is a lovely turquoise blue.

ouryve Wed 30-Mar-16 18:30:09

We have Laura Ashley chamomile in our long, north facing living room/ dining room. Only has direct light at one end. It manages to be warm without being garish and is a complex enough shade to tone well with lots of other colours.

We did try some beigy "linen" shades, but the light in the room rendered them into a soul sucking grey for most of the year.

IfNotNowThenWhenever Wed 30-Mar-16 18:39:09

What you have to remember is that northern light in particular, and east light to an extent is bluer than south/west.
So, you can embrace the blueness, or, go for warmer tones in the hope of conquering it.
Personally, I would always go with the natural inclination of the light, so a pale blue/green would work well.
Bear in mind that a true blue may go a bit lilacy, so maybe aim for a greener colour.
Pale blue greens would be my choice, but you can offset the coldness of them with more yellow toned wood/skirts etc (not yellow, but a yellow based neutral ).
I have a north facing kitchen done in a sort of acid green ( nothing subtle about it) and I think it looks ace (although I'm sure most people think it's horrendous!

bookishandblondish Thu 31-Mar-16 00:44:38

Useful comments - will take them into consideration.

I do like bold colours - just this house wouldn't suit them.

I now have carpet samples - one is possible ( need to wait to get keys before deciding) which is a natural golden - wheat colour.

bookishandblondish Sat 09-Apr-16 19:30:32

So having done testers, the verdict ( well what my volunteered dad has been instructed to do) is:

Dining room - borrowed light walls/ cabbage white ceiling

Kitchen - cabbage white throughout

Little Greene not available at Home base but tried laura Ashley, F&B, Hemsley paints in variations of pale blue/ white with hint of blue.

May post pics once completed ( will see how much they out me)

bookishandblondish Sat 09-Apr-16 19:31:37

And carpet is Wild ginger - Union square - John lewis

FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 17-Apr-16 10:19:02

Just painted or bathrooms which are north/ north east facing with Light Gray from F and B- gorgeous- looks so different around the room and different times of day. And other one is Joanna by Little Greene- but we do have a south facing velux as well so suspect we could have got away with anything.

Not sure that's helpful but both are lovely colours IRL.

bookishandblondish Sun 17-Apr-16 23:16:48

The cabbage white is lovely - and in the tiny cloakroom looks incandescent blue - it really glows even on a horrible rainy morning.

Work is still very much in progress - first coats are on smile

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