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does you wooden floor colour match your wooden furniture colour?

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GlitteryFluff Sat 26-Mar-16 23:03:59

Do the wood colours all match or is the floor different to furniture?

Just moved.

Living room completely wrecked and needs re-doing. Also need new living room furniture at the same time.
Last place we had a beech floor with all beech furniture and I liked it but it felt too 'all one colour' and too 'woody' sometimes (rest of room was creams and browns so all felt bland). If that makes sense? Though I suppose I could have bought a big rug to break up all the wood?

Need to have wooden floor rather than carpet as have a little DS. But new furniture will be wood coloured (don't like glass and don't want white) so do I get floor to match again or do yours not match?

Basically, help! If you like your living room -what colour is your furniture and what colour is your floor? I'm just looking for ideas. Pics would be lovely but I understand if you can't be bothered to nc etc


BackforGood Sat 26-Mar-16 23:19:12

I only have exposed floorboards in the hallway and in one of the bedrooms. Hallway doesn't have other furniture in.
In the bedroom the floor is a different colour from the wardrobes and chest of drawers.

Why does having a little ds prevent you from having carpet ? confused
When my pfb started crawling is precisely when I put carpet down in a previously wooden floored area.

GlitteryFluff Sat 26-Mar-16 23:32:17

Thanks for your reply.
We don't have a dining room so our table is in living room and he drops a lot of food at meal times. So it's just easier to clean up. He's 19 months, I know he'll get better but planning another I don't want to be scrubbing spag bol and curry stains out of carpet for the next few years.

Cel982 Sat 26-Mar-16 23:35:41

I think contrasting woods look better, personally. As you say, it's too matchy-matchy otherwise.

Best thing to do for these dilemmas is hit Google Images - you'll find loads of examples of both scenarios and you'll be able to see what really appeals to you.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sat 26-Mar-16 23:41:21

Mine doesn't match. Pitch pine, oak and some dark wood reside very happily together in my sitting room.

I have oak and chestnut in my kitchen.

I think non matching wood is beautiful and it changes with age anyway. For me everything matching is too contrived.

You should go for it, especially if it fits in with your lifestyle!

Titsywoo Sat 26-Mar-16 23:46:56

I've got dark oak flooring in my kitchen diner. The dining table is reclaimed pine and is fairly pale. I'm not keen on matchy stuff anyway. I buy things I like and they seem to look good together. Others may disagree but fuck em grin

Sunnyshores Sun 27-Mar-16 19:15:50

I prefer non matching too makes life much easier

chelle792 Sun 27-Mar-16 19:18:08

Ours is too matchy at the moment but that's because we bought furniture and are saving to replace the floor. We will have light oak furniture and dark oak floor one day though! Hopefully!!

GlitteryFluff Sun 27-Mar-16 19:38:02

Thanks all.
We've decided we're going for this colour flooring. They're calling it oak.
What wood would you put with it? that was a tongue twister!

GlitteryFluff Sun 27-Mar-16 19:38:30

And I've only just noticed my typo in title. blush

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 27-Mar-16 20:15:53

That looks lovely Glittery. I think you can get away with lots of different woods with it as it's very versatile. White skirting and woodwork will show it off beautifully too.

Sunnyshores Sun 27-Mar-16 20:34:47

what style are you going for? what colours will your sofa/curtains/walls be?

Kennington Sun 27-Mar-16 21:21:50

No but I don't like matching stuff. And most of my furniture was passed on from various relatives so it wasn't planned either.
Floor is oak and everything else is rosewood, or dark wood and some painted pine.
Go for the mix but you need to not care and not have a pristine room.

suffolkpunch85 Sun 27-Mar-16 22:09:16

Glittery- floor looks good. What is it

GlitteryFluff Mon 28-Mar-16 16:03:17

Will have white skirting and white woodwork around window and door.

Sofa is very dark brown leather, but do want to change so doesn't matter too much.
Walls need to be painted so can be any colour. Curtains are an oatmeal colour. Would like to keep them.

The flooring is just from B&Q - a laminate, not real wool.

Style wise I don't have a clue!
I like things to look neat/ clean lines?

DaisyFranceLynch Mon 28-Mar-16 19:11:00

We have dark wooden floors, dark stained oak, and furniture is either vaguely matching (not exactly the same wood, but dark wood rather than pine or ash) or painted (eg white or grey). In my last place I had light pine wooden floors and didn't like they way they looked with dark wood furniture.

I think painted wooden furniture looks nice with any wooden floors, otherwise I prefer similar tones of wood to the floor - ie similar in depth and warmth. You can add colour through rugs, art, cushions/throws, flowers, vases, lights, curtains even books.

I think what can look too matchy is buying all furniture from the same shop and range - my ideal is buying things from different places over time, maybe a mix of new and secondhand, while keeping the overall feel harmonious. But this can take a long time and maybe isn't the most practical if you need to replace everything in one go.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 28-Mar-16 19:34:24

Cream wood furniture and pale wood floorboards.
French country/ Swedish / New England vibe

EricNorthmanSucks Mon 28-Mar-16 19:37:54

We don't match up here.

The floor is a very warm amber oak.

The wooden furniture includes a grey painted chest of drawers in the hallway, a very dark brown antique chest in the living room etc.

I suppose the dining room table and chairs are not far off, but that wasn't intentional.

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