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Devol or Neptune kitchen

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eight Tue 22-Mar-16 11:30:00

Does anyone have any experience with either Devol or Neptune kitchens? I think they both look lovely but haven't had the opportunity to see the Devol one in person. Has anyone done a comparison on quality / price? Only just started planning new kitchen and already it has taken over my life! Thanks x

GoEasyPudding Wed 23-Mar-16 10:47:04

I have a friend who has had a lot of problems with the customer service at Neptune. It's a lovely looking kitchen but she showed me all the problems so I would question the actual quality.

eight Wed 23-Mar-16 23:12:14

Thank you for that GoEasyPudding! Interesting / disappointing to hear some real life experience of Neptune. I hope your friend gets it sorted soon.

Sunnyshores Fri 25-Mar-16 12:40:23

Devol was £6k more expensive than the £12k Neptune kitchen we had. I have heard other people say they'd had problems with Customer Service at Neptune, but the Kitstone branch we used were brilliant, what really made the difference too was the fitter who customised a few bits and made it look amazing.

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