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North facing room - colour scheme help needed please!

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DarkBlueEyes Sun 20-Mar-16 12:10:36

I have the rest of the house sorted, just not sure about this room.

It's north facing, well lit, and one window will get the setting sun. It's a big room and while it's our guest room at the moment (magnolia) it will be my work room/overflow guest room.

I will have a duck egg blue table with a scrubbed pine top, blue angle poise lamp and a duck egg blue chair (both recently chalk painted by me) and a natural linen coloured sofa as a given. Sofa is relatively new so don't want to recover. No curtains purchased yet, and it has white shutters.

Think that rules out grey, which may also be too cold. Rest of the house will be as follows (after renovation I hope ):

Master: pale blue and cream furniture
Guest room: duck egg blue and cream furniture
DD1: grey (F and B blackened) - recreating her room at our old house (just moved)
DD2: tbc has to pass entrance exams to have her room decorated!
tiny room too small for bedroom: Cath Kidston type florals using curtains from old room, pale pink walls (also re-used from old house) (also North facing but with one, small, East facing window).
Ground floor: kitchen pale grey and white, living room, white sofas, strong navy accents.
Upstairs hall, Blackened or similar on walls (also North facing windows but leading onto south facing bedrooms.

Can you give me some ideas? I'm fixated on blue! However, do want to keep my table and chair that cover as I worked my butt off doing them!

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