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chalk paint for furniture-what do I use to seal it?

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ConkersDontScareSpiders Mon 14-Mar-16 22:39:36

I've just rescued a seventies sideboard and tv stand from the tip and am intending to paint it using chalk paint.Do I need to seal it with anything? And if so what? I don't want it to look too shiny if possible...
First time chalk painter so any other tips much appreciated...
Feel quite excited to have a little project!

Bambooshoots14 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:46:27

Wax is best. I use briwax in clear for a mat finish

ConkersDontScareSpiders Mon 14-Mar-16 23:07:48

Where do you get it? And how is it applied please?

ConkersDontScareSpiders Mon 14-Mar-16 23:10:39

And do you need some sort of special cloth to apply it? Or can you hair use anything (clean)?

OhBuggerandArse Mon 14-Mar-16 23:16:43

Please don't paint them! That look screams 2014 already - and my heart breaks for all the lovely wood furniture that's being ruined all over the country. Try restoring the natural wood finish first.

AppleYumYum Mon 14-Mar-16 23:34:07

I just tried my first Annie Sloan thing - just an old stool to practice on, I'm not sure if I did the distressing right, it looks a bit too uniform but I think I am supposed to finish it with some more wax which might help.

You use the clear wax to seal, and once it is on and rubbed in you can polish it to make it shiny. Apparently it needs to cure though to be fully hard - 30 days, only light use until then. There is a dark wax too for making things look aged.

AppleYumYum Mon 14-Mar-16 23:38:37

Well OhBugger I know what you mean, but I think it can look really nice if it is not very nice wood that you would want to restore, like pine etc. I agree in some cases just taking a yucky varnish off would reveal some lovely wood - but the appeal of the chalk paint is not having to do priming or preparing or removing varnish.

Conkers no, an old sock or lint free cloth, or I bought the wax brush from Annie Sloan which is good for getting into cracks and fine detail.

ConkersDontScareSpiders Tue 15-Mar-16 10:12:20

The wood has had it ohbugger and it wouldn't come nicely I don't think.

So the clear wax doesn't change the colour of the paint then I'm assuming? I googled and some people suggested clear varnish as being harder wearing but think it would be too shiny...

Bambooshoots14 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:22:23

I still like the look.

I painted a wardrobe and haven't waxed it and it's still fine. I think wax is hard wearing enough for most things and varnish would change the look

ConkersDontScareSpiders Tue 15-Mar-16 20:01:16

Thanks y'all

wowfudge Tue 15-Mar-16 23:27:38

You can get matt varnish.

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