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Where to start with home furnishing?

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maggiethecat Sun 13-Mar-16 00:00:27

I've always had the 'little considered' approach to furnishing my home - the 'buy a sofa here, table there, hoping it all comes together' style.
Decided to be a bit more focused in doing up my lounge which at the moment only has a piano (black lacquer finish) to consider.
I've heard about mood boards and such but have never done one.
How do approach furnishing/decorating your house? Esp since I struggle to visualise things, are there any apps that would be good to help picture things?

candykane25 Sun 13-Mar-16 00:03:32


How do you want to feel in your room?

Cosy? Relaxed? serene? Energised?

Is there a concept you like? Hygge is popular at the moment.

Is the theme you'd like to pursue?

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