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How can I update this kitchen?

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Rojak Thu 03-Mar-16 08:59:04

Just moved so can't afford to rip out kitchen.

I was thinking of painting the units, removing the current odd shape table and at a stretch, perhaps replacing work tops.

But I'm not sure what colour to paint the units so it will go with the tiled floor (browny / orange / light terracota style tiles) or the twee country wall tiles?

Could I replace the table with a rectangular breakfast bar instead?

Any and all inspiration welcomed as I'm a bit overwhelmed.

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 03-Mar-16 09:07:47

I would definitely paint the cupboards with an eggshell paint (not too shiny) then replace the worktops. If you're not in an immediate hurry you can look on eBay for worktops. I picked mine up for £40 they were huge off cuts.

Tile wise I would replace with either more tiles or ready made splash back (cheaper) I really like the splash backs.


salsamad Thu 03-Mar-16 09:47:04

I think how much you do depends on your budget. It's going to be time consuming to paint all those units and woodwork thoroughly (you will need to do inside parts of cupboards to get a good smooth look so that previous cupboard colour isn't at all noticeable) and you will need a lot of paint.
I think I would remove the cornicing from the top of the units and the trellis edging on the shelves in order to give smooth lines and modernise the look. I would remove the wooden plinth above the window, the extractor wooden unit and probably the two side glass units as well and put in a new extractor. When you are decorating/re tiling you can then fill in/cover over any small holes etc left by removing items.
I would replace all the tiles with new brick style plain tiles or splash blacks and replace all the worktops. If finances could stretch to it, I would replace the door and drawer fronts too. If not you could replace handles.
We did this in a previous house which had a dated kitchen. We replaced the worktops, replaced the tiles with more modern ones and then brought new doors and drawer fronts from B&Q (matched them up to the inside units no problem) and kept all the cupboard carcass's, which were in good condition. To save costs my husband fitted them and a friend helped him fit the work surfaces. It wasn't too expensive and looked like a brand new kitchen for a fraction of the cost. Good luck.

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