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Antique bronze shower head?

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AmateurDeLaVie Tue 01-Mar-16 17:33:38

We are changing a few things in the bathroom now, and I cannot find a suitable shower head.

The taps and all other bathroom accessories are quite high end (Samuel Heath) in brass, installed by the previous owner. I can spend max £400 on the rain shower head and have found some lovely Grohe products but they are all shiny chrome. Could you help me find something in brass /bronze / antique gold please?

Callthemodwife Tue 01-Mar-16 20:46:28

Not high end but Victorian Plumbing does some gold/bronze fittings - I know they're hard to come by!

AmateurDeLaVie Tue 01-Mar-16 23:20:04

Thank you, Callthemodwife, good tip!

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