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Vintage sofa

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Nanodust Mon 29-Feb-16 16:37:37

We just bought and paid to get a vintage sofa upholstered etc. They delivered it and I asked to see it turned into a day bed. The lining ripped and the underneath structure has two curved bar bits. This means one half of it doesn't lie flat when it is turned into a day bed.
I of course asked them to take it away and fix the lining. I asked why the two bar bits are curved and they said that is how it is. Also became a bit stroppy with me saying that it has been fine for 50 years - well if the could do their math they'd actually realise that should be 65 years ;)

Anyway, not sure if I'm being sold a bit of a pup here. Anyone know about this type of sofa bed and whether it should not be completely flat? Pictures example of the model but not the actual sofa

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