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Talk to me about beech worktops

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AlastorMoody Sun 28-Feb-16 12:48:14

So DP and I have bought our first house and are in the process of doing it up. Problem is we are also in the process of saving for a wedding so things are a little tight.

Luckily, the house is in good shape and the only work it needs is cosmetic.

In the kitchen, I'm painting the cabinets in F&B French Grey or Light Grey (still to decide) and think nice wooden worktop would look fab with it, especially as we have an inset ceramic sink already, but they're really expensive.

However, beech seems to be rather cheap - but this makes me think it's maybe not great quality or is seen as a bit naff?

Am so lost with the whole thing - it's all very new to me - so I seek your collective wisdom. grin

JT05 Sun 28-Feb-16 22:31:32

Posted before, but I'll repeat it on this thread ( sorry! )
We have beech, about 7 yrs old and is as good as the day installed.

It is very important to get it installed properly by a carpenter, so that the joints are tennon ones. Before installation it has to be oiled on both sides. We did ours 4 coats each side, allowing 2 hrs drying in between. ( a bit like feeding a newborn!) where it is place above a dishwasher or washing machine it should be coated with varnish on the underside. A very good seal around the sink, as well.

After all that, just an oil every 6 months and glass worktop savers each side of the hob! Sounds a lot, but it does look great.

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