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I need inspiration - can you show me your TV area?

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WutheringFrights Wed 24-Feb-16 22:07:50

Our TV is currently on a bracket on the wall pushed back into the top bit of an old Ikea dresser.
When we did it I thought it was a brilliant way to 'hide' the telly but I've decided I don't like it and want it on a tv stand or table or summat.
Can you post pics of your tv area to inspire me.
I just don't know what I want, I'm searching on eBay and Pinterest but nothing is catching my eye.
Ta everso!

biscuitkumquat Wed 24-Feb-16 22:16:12

This is mine, it's an Ikea cabinet, in a very dark wood.

I like being able to shut the doors on it and pretend that our family life doesn't entirely revolve around it

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