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Does anyone know anything about stained glass?

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rosettesforjill Wed 24-Feb-16 10:44:53

Trying to determine whether this is one of the few original features in our house or not, but I have no clue how I would tell. We're about to replace all the windows in our house and I can't decide whether it's worth saving!

rosettesforjill Wed 24-Feb-16 10:46:09

(House was built in 1905 for context)

SalmonMaki Wed 24-Feb-16 10:52:33

They look gorgeous, you're not replacing those are you?!

If you are taking them out, don't damage them and sell them on.

I'm not an expert, but you could try contacting these people who would know.

rosettesforjill Wed 24-Feb-16 11:04:10

SalmonMaki I'm really dithering on it! I do like them... You have given me the slap I need though and I will insist to DH that we keep them!

post Wed 24-Feb-16 11:08:18

They are BEAUTIFUL and i would definitely keep them

rosettesforjill Wed 24-Feb-16 11:15:33

Right I'm convinced then! I was worried I was getting sentimentally attached to something from 1992... not that age should even matter if I like them smile

MrsMarigold Wed 24-Feb-16 11:28:37

We have very similar windows in our house which is the same period.

wowfudge Sun 28-Feb-16 22:32:40

Those are lovely - arts and crafts style motifs and beautiful colours. If you are getting double glazing, you can have the original glass encapsulated in the double glazed unit. A previous owner of our house did that.

JT05 Mon 29-Feb-16 08:33:03

Definitely original, please don't get rid of them. You will regret it. I'd talk to a reliable glazier to find out how to preserve them alongside double glazing.

ArtyBat Mon 29-Feb-16 09:18:21

Op, I work with glass and yes, they look to be original. I'm not totally sure as it's not too clear in your pics, but the glass looks to be 'English Muffle' design, and as wowfudge says, has Arts & Crafts style motifs. Please keep them as they're beautiful and definitely worth saving. <<< you could also contact these people based in South Yorkshire. They sell glass, and also restore original pieces. Very helpful there too.

OTheHugeManatee Mon 29-Feb-16 09:23:58

That looks about right for 1905.

Seeline Mon 29-Feb-16 09:44:08

The 'bar' across the middle looks like a very similar fitting to the one I have on my front door stained glass, which I ma pretty certain is original to my 1903 house. It is the reason I still have the draughty front door, rather than a nice, close fitting one which would keep the house soooo much warmer grin
I would definitely try to keep if at all possible.

NotCitrus Mon 29-Feb-16 10:24:46

Keep! Secondary glazing is great. And front doors can have wooden strips added to the edges to fix the draughts.

OliviaBenson Mon 29-Feb-16 10:34:59

Keep, they are stunning! If you are having timber replacements throughout your joiner should be able to make them double glazed fairly easily.

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