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Choosing glass splash back

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Jess115 Wed 24-Feb-16 08:57:17

Having a new kitchen fitted. The units are cashmere in color with a darkish wood affect colored work top. Not sure what color to choose for the glass splash back. The fitter said to have white. I'm not sure. Haven't decided what color to do the walls yet as it is difficult to visualize before fitting. The hob is black and the splash back is only going behind the hob. Wondering whether to have black to match. Should it be the same width as the hob 60cm or should it be slightly wider. What would others suggest.

smilesandsun Wed 24-Feb-16 11:52:17

Hi, I had a neutral aqua glass colour and in a white kitchen and it looked great. Timeless even 10 years after the renovation. Though as you have other colours probably not what you should choose.

A real-estate agent advised me recently when looking to change my current kitchen not to choose a bright / deep or trendy coloured splash back as it can be off putting to potential buyers. So I have decided on the same colour as the walls and clear glass covering it.

Maybe if you want to go for black go for clear glass so you can change the colour behind?

Or if its only a small splash back what about stainless steel?

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